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Friday, October 19, 2007

Fisheye View

I recently photographed four hot air balloons taking flight from a field in front of Piedmont Community College. Upon my arrival I realized I had never seen these flying machines up close. In a matter of 30 minutes the balloons had taken shape forming massive balls of color with small baskets that looked like tiny picnic baskets attached to birthday balloon. They were huge, probably 3-4 stories. It was then that I realized my regular wide angle lens was not going to work. I went back to my car to retrieve my 15mm fisheye lens which rarely comes out of the bag. One by one the balloons began lifting in the air. It was amazing to see these mammoth balls of hot air lift almost effortlessly into the blue sky. All on board cheered their successful departure and away they went. Just another day living the life of a photographer.-Andrew

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Woodberry Forest Football

This past weekend marked my first visit to the Woodberry Forrest School in Orange. For this blue-collar kid raised outside Philly, it was certainly a different school atmosphere. For instance, I didn't see bars across the windows and there was a lack of police presence at the game. I wonder if the ties are some sort of gang symbol? Anyway, I couldn't stay for the entire game. I had to head back to Cville for the UVa game, life is rough. Reading the article, proved I missed a lot of excitement towards the end of the game.

Here is another photo from the game that didn't make it into the Progress.