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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Seeing the light

I was lucky enough to see and capture this image when hiking Old Ragg in Madison County for the 1st time ever last week. A big thanks to my tour guide Jason Watson (pictured). This is by far the best hike in the area.

Close call

This is a sequence from a remote camera behind the net of a recent women's soccer game. Luckily, camera's today are tough enough to take the occasional kick. The cool part is the last image in the sequence shows the UVa player who scored the goal. The last image overall was what I had intended to capture with the camera position.

The overlooked photo

Scanning through 1500 images under deadline from Saturday's UNC football game I was bound to overlook and image or two. Although my colleague Megan Lovett got THE game winning shot, this was a nice runner up showing good emotion from Cedric Peerman after he scored a TD in the last minute of the game.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Need color for the front page

Here are two photos proposed for the front page of the DP. The one on the right is more visually stimulating but the left photo was choosen because it was a color front. It would have looked good on A2.